Sara (plaguedthing) wrote,

Imagine that a country with a powerful military invaded the US, and keep in mind that we've sent so many soldiers to Iraq that we no longer have the resources to defend our own country. It's just another day, but you turn on the TV and see bombs falling. DC is in ruins. New York is a big mountain of flames and smoke. Dubya has been captured, Cheney is dead, Rummy and friends are unaccounted for, and all you know is what you see on TV. Regardless of your political views, wouldn't the sight of American children with blown-off faces make you just a little upset? Now imagine that after they demolish our major cities, they set up their own government, and sweep through the country, hunting down anyone who might oppose them, calling their targets "terrorists". Any prisoners they take are sent to concentration camps, where they are treated like wild animals. Wouldn't that bother you? Would you risk becoming a target yourself and fight back? Personally, I'd join any organization that had the resources to destroy them. What these pundits and their fan clubs refuse to see is that the reason insurgents are killing American troops is because WE ATTACKED THEM. And the fact that we won't even grant our prisoners POW status is just fueling their fire. They are not animals. They don't hate our freedoms. They are human beings, and we have made them angry enough to kill. With all of this in mind, doesn't it seem like a good idea to stop doing the things that make them want to kill us?
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