Sara (plaguedthing) wrote,

Dear Tom Tancredo,
I just want to give my two cents on your suggestion that bombing Mecca is a realistic option. First of all, bombing Mecca would make permanent enemies of the entire Islamic world! You may just be "throwing out ideas", but this particular idea is very BAD. Even if it was a response to a terrorist attack by Muslim extremists, it's the worst thing America could do. Is this a war on terrorism, or a war on Islam? You really should think ideas through before you throw them out in public. You may not like political correctness, but as a US legislator, you are a public figure, and you need to be more responsible with your words. Just think of all the Muslims throughout the world who have heard about some US lawmaker talking about desecrating their holy land. They hear the same kind of propoganda that we do, and you have helped back up their case that America hates them and wants to destroy them. Do America a favor and apologize for your irresponsible statments. We can't win the war unless we win the people, and you aren't helping us win the people.
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