Sara (plaguedthing) wrote,

So I smoked a few bowls and had the munchies. I was too high to drive, so I had Krash drive me to Taco Bell. While we were in the drive-thru, a cop came up behind up and checked my plates. Then they flashed bright, blinding lights at us, screamed at us to put our hands up and get out of the car. When I got out of the car, several figures dressed in black came out from behind the corners and surrounded me. They handcuffed me and stuck me in the back of a patrol car for about an hour. The reason for this? It seems someone reported our vehicle stolen, because it came up hot when they ran my plates. way to go, Denver's Finest. It WAS stolen, you fucking brilliant dumbasses. FOUR MONTHS AGO. You managed to detain the VICTIM!!!

I won't list their names, because they didn't give me shit about the weed. Only I didn't have any weed in the car. I was visibly stoned, and I would totally fail any UA, so I'll give them that. Still, it was a frightening ordeal. I asked them what I had done, and they told me to let them ask the questions. Well, I answered all their questions, and my answers checked out, so maybe they could answer MY questions. What the fuck is wrong with their department? Don't they know that after a stolen vehicle is recovered, they don't need to worry about it anymore? And while they were wasting time with us, how many actual car theives got away?

At least I can take some satisfaction in knowing that the time they wasted with us is time they wasted not meeting their quotas. Fucking pigs.
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