Sara (plaguedthing) wrote,

The Bush Dynasty is now guilty of ethnic cleansing in the United States. They've been committing genocide in the middle east for 3 years now, and the genocide finally hit our shores. Bush wants to kill people who don't vote for him. This is the second time he's allowed Americans to die in the United States. The first was on 9-11-01. He knew that Al-Quaeda was going to attack the US, and he did NOTHING about it. He just let them die, and the only way that could be more murderous is if he were flying the goddamn planes. Now the city of New Orleans, which is mostly inhabited by poor people, has been destroyed by a natural disaster. People are STILL there, and they are starving, and they are drowning, and they are literally being MURDERED for scavenging for food. That's martial law for ya. This is Kristallnacht times 1000.

Attention X-ians: Thou shalt not kill! Or for a more modern interpretation of that verse, You shall not murder. Bush is going to HELL. He is going to spend eternity getting stabbed in the ass by Satan. You voted for a liar, theif, and murderer. You fuckers would have voted for Hitler. Bush is going to go down in history the same way Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Nero went down in history.
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